Peace of Mind That Only Full HR Support Can Give You
Businesses today need an extra helping hand due to the numerous complexities of labor laws and managing employees. Harbor HR has the resources and the tools to make sure your business takes a proactive approach to maintaining your HR infrastructure.
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Being compliant is a big concern for business owners today and rightfully so. Labor laws and government oversite has become a significant requirement of running a successful business. Harbor HR’s talented group of HR Professionals and Safety Professionals will help your business navigate the always evolving complexities of managing employees. During all aspects of your employees employment tenure, our team of HR professionals will confirm and ensure your business is staying ahead of the HR curve. From managing your employee handbook, to the newest harassment prevention training, tough HR situations, OSHA safety, and employee development, Harbor HR can protect and help grow your business. Why not reduce your business liability by taking a more proactive approach to your employee management requirements?
Harbor HR provides HR Services,  Safety/OSHA Management and Training for organizations looking to outsource their HR in California and throughout the United States.
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