Customer Service

January 8, 2020

Customer Service is such an important piece of your business. The importance of how a client is treated cannot be understated. I recently was looking to make a purchase for new business services. I called a lot of companies and I really wanted to make a purchase. But I lost enthusiasm quick. Why, because the experience was so bad. Frankly, I got a blasé, I’m not really interested in you as a client attitude. Perhaps the economy is so good they don’t need to care, but they will at some point. This economy won’t last forever and then, oh boy, customer service will matter again. But regardless, I think customer service matters no matter what. Nothing is more impressive than seeing someone taking good care of their clients. So when you see great customer service in action, it’s really a site to see and it makes me want to reward that company for putting an emphasis on it. 

It’s so important to show a positive attitude to your potential clients. Because here’s the deal, no matter what is going on in your life, this potential customer is there to make a purchase and having a great experience is important and they need you to help them get it. They want you to be engaged, they want you to care, and they want you to value the fact that they will be handing you over their hard earned money. Showing that you care is critical. Because all employee’s jobs are simple. To get customers to come back. A few quick tips to have good customer service: 

  1. Answers calls quickly and be truly enthusiastic when speaking with them. Customers can feel your aura through the phone. 
  2. If face to face, greet customers with a smile. 
  3. Immediately address people and look them in the eyes. Even if you are working with someone else, acknowledge them and let them know you will be with them soon. 
  4. Give them your FULL attention. At that moment, nothing else matters but them. Listen carefully and wait to hear their full responses. 
  5. Ask questions, why are you looking for this? Why did you come in today? What prompted you to come in today?
  6. Do what you say you will do. If you promise to call back, send an e-mail, forward a document, a timely follow through will go a long way. 

These are just the basics, but mastering the basics give us a strong foundation that makes it easier to improve those other areas we want to master. And with lots of practice, these basics become second nature. 

I have always been a science guy. Whether you believe the almighty God or the big bang theory created the universe, it’s always amazing to look up to the sky and say, how lucky am I to be experiencing this life? And lucky we are, looking online the other day, it states we have a 1 in a 400 trillion chance of being born exactly as we are. Lots of things had to happen along the way for you to be born. So not only are you lucky but you are a miracle if you believe in them. 

What better way to experience this miracle then by looking up at another fellow miracle and saying “how can I help you”? 

Life is short, sometimes much to short, so go enjoy the journey and add some great human interaction along the way. 

Written by Glen Drouin, founder and owner of Harbor HR, LLC.  Glen has 13 years experience working with his Father’s business and 20 years experience as an HR and business consultant. You can reach Glen at 916-293-2116 or e-mail at . 

Harbor HR provides HR Services,  Safety/OSHA Management and Training for organizations looking to outsource their HR in California and throughout the United States.
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